Viking Coffee is Roasted to order by the owner. Craft coffee, small batch, damn good coffee. VCC strives to have the best whole bean coffee in America

VIKING COFFEE CO. is a premium, roast-to-order, craft coffee company run solely by me, Evan Armstrong. Currently, VIKG purchases green coffee from Copan Trade. Origins range from Brazil, Burundi, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. I roast each bean to perfection and personally craft each batch by hand for our different coffee blends. We also offer single origin options including Costa Rican and Ethiopian. I care about the process! I NEVER warehouse coffee. It is always carefully roasted fresh and shipped fast and free within the United States!

The best way to enjoy Viking Coffee is through our Coffee Club! Your choice of one or two bags a month in 3, 6, and 12 month options. Along with your 1lb bag of coffee you will also receive 3 half pound bags of different blends, origins, and roasts every month! Surely, this will keep you conveniently caffeinated while you continue to work, build, create, train, and live life to the fullest.

Drink coffee. Work hard.

- Evan