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My name is Evan Armstrong. I'm the man behind Viking Coffee Co and I started this business handling everything myself and still do; I've learned a lot. The first time I ever roasted coffee I had ordered green coffee beans on the internet a few days prior without having single clue as to how I'd roast them. Fortunately, the internet exists and after a couple YouTube videos on how to roast coffee in a cast iron skillet I was smoking up my kitchen and setting of the smoke alarm from roasting coffee beans on the stove top at 10:30 on a weeknight. 

I realized utilizing social media platforms, such as Instagram, I'd be able to reach the wide audience whom love my coffee. I wanted to post quality content on Instagram because it's professional and shows that I care about my product in more than one way. I purchased a used Canon T3i and began learning photography to take product shots, social media posts, and to film content showcasing my product or to announce a product. Eventually I purchased used Canon 5D Classic and since I stepped up the quality of pictures shown throughout this website. This brand is more than coffee to me, I want to create the best coffee, reach out to craftsmen and craftswomen love creating things with their hands as much as me; if not more. The only way to do this work justice over the internet is through quality photos and video. 

VIKG is the shorthand for Viking Coffee Co. I always thought it was a cool and unique letter combination for the logo of the brand and it has grown on me since I first jotted down the first logo on a piece of paper. I have bigger plans for VIKG and Viking Coffee Co throughout 2018 and the years beyond. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this, everyone who has supported since I started this brand over a year ago, and everyone who has found my brand along the way and supported me since. I wouldn't have built this brand to what it is without you. Thank you.