SodaStream "Nitro" Coffee

Firstly, just to warn you, if you put cold coffee into the SodaStream to carbonate may explode everywhere. Also, it isn't really "Nitro" coffee just carbonated coffee.

Start by either, brewing you coffee, using cold brew coffee, or cold coffee that you brewed that morning. If you're just brewing it, let it cool for about 15 minutes and pour it over ice into the SodaStream bottle 


Now if you have a SodaStream, you're familiar with how it works. Insert the bottle and press the button to add CO2 (Correct me if I'm wrong with that) into the bottle about 3 times and carefully let it defuse or whatever term you wanna use, before taking the bottle off of the SodaStream. Then, immediately after, pour and enjoy fizzy coffee! 


Now for me, the fizzy taste was weird at first, so I added french vanilla creamer to add an interesting flavor to the mix. I personally enjoyed it with the creamer added, however, it is fun to play around with your coffee and try new things! 

Next I think I'll need to try a whipped cream dispenser

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