Pour over coffee

So, recently took over my parents old pour over coffee thing... and it's pretty cool. Really good clean cup of coffee...so, if you're wondering how to make pour over coffee you've looked at the right trick tips post... (with pictures) 

1. Things you need: Pour over coffee maker, appropriate filters, scale (weigh out the coffee...(if you give a shit)) and coffee...(Here I'm going with the dark roast)

2. Wet the filter to get rid of any paper taste:

3. Zero the scale...

4. Add the coffee

5. Soak the grounds...Don't fill all the way, just pour enough water to soak them and let it drain.

6. Pour in a circular motion around the edge of the filter...I don't know why...I just read this on the internet. Don't pour too fast tho 

7. Stir in a circular motion around the edge and work your way down..again..i don't know why... internet...do it anyway it actually makes a better cup! 

8. Let it drain and you should see a mound off coffee in the middle of the filter and that usually means you'll have a solid cup of coffee!

9. Pour and enjoy...DON'T SPILL!

So I use about 3/4 of my kettle after boiling and it makes about 5 ten ounce cups so you'll have plenty of coffee and I use about 40 to 45 grams of coffee. It's a clean up with plenty of flavor. Worth the time if you have it, requires a little bit of patience. 


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