Mint Cold Brew Coffee

Just read this on the interwebs...It's it sounds really fucking good..Hopefully.

Basically what you need is (at least what I used.) 

- Chocolate mint. (I grow my own so just get a stem or whatever its called with plenty of leaves)

- Coffee (Going with our new Tri-Blend)

- French Press or other container 

- Water

- Patience

So what it said was to layer the coffee and mint.

Pour some coffee onto the bottom of the french press...add some mint leaves on top...add another layer of coffee....add more mint leaves and stems guessed it... more coffee.

Add water to the top but leave enough room so it doesn't pour over when you press the lid and filter in. It said to store at room temperature...usually I put it in the refrigerator...but I'm going to leave it sit out and see what's different.  

I will report back tomorrow with the results


Update: The cold brew is so good! Let it sit at least 12 hours before drinking to get the best flavor between the mint and coffee and all the flavors in the coffee the mint brings out. ALSO, it will be highly caffeinated 🙂 


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