Store Bought Coffee vs Craft Coffee

Store bought coffee is typically stale when you buy it. What does that mean? There is no flavor there. No life. Nothing that makes you say, “Wow, that’s a damn good cup of coffee!”


Craft coffee is typically considered bad after a month and a half typically. But it begins to decrease in flavor and freshness after about two weeks! The reason I started Viking Coffee was because of similar reasons of the pictures above! I would buy a 12oz bag of coffee for $14.99 at Kroger’s thinking it would be fresh or taste different or better than the last bag I purchased only to find out it doesn’t and tastes the same.

I looked into why this was and found out a large majority of coffee in grocery stores are months old and buy the time the customer gets their hands on the bags they've lost all the flavor and tasting notes that made that blend or origin unique.

That’s when I got into coffee. I began roasting for myself and learned on a cast iron skillet in my apartment and smoked out the house a couple times learning how to roast! Once I got a decent roast off the skillet the next morning I was blown away in the difference in taste! The different flavor notes I picked up on I’ve never experienced in a cup of coffee before! This ultimately started the addiction to roasting my own coffee and eventually led to the creation of Viking Coffee Co! I want to supply every coffee lover new and old with damn good coffee that was roasted just days ago when the ordered!

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