Coffee Cocktails Vol. 1

Cold Brew Mint Julep:

Cold Brew Mint Julep.jpg

For this recipe, I HIGHLY recommend, using Ethiopian Sidamo the tasting notes of lemon-grass, berry, and cinnamon really compliment the other ingredients very well!

Cold Brew: If don’t have a system specifically to brew cold brew like one of these. A french press or mason jar will work just fine! If you have a cold brew coffee maker fill the basket dang near all the way with coffee grounds. If you’re using a french press or mason jar fill it up just slightly over 1/4th the way with coffee grounds. Then, fill water till the container is completely full!

Brew time: 20-24 hours

Filter the coffee after done brewing.

The Drink: Get your desired drinking glass or mug and add ice then fill 3/4th the way full with the delicious cold brew! Add a packet or teaspoon of sugar then mix. Finally add fresh mint then stir the mint vigorously into the drink!

That’s it! Enjoy!

Cold Brew Mint Julep-2.jpg