Coffee and Work

Earlier this month we released mugs and hats!

Mugs with the logo of an axe and a portafilter crossed. With ‘Drink Coffee. Work Hard.’ arched around it and Viking Coffee Co underneath. The hats have this same logo.

Inspiration behind this design was from Flag nor Fail’s logo; which, is an axe crossed perpendicular atop an anchor.

For my design, the axe symbolize’s work and the portafilter symbolize’s coffee. One of my favorite sayings or quotes, however you wanna see it, is “You can’t chop a tree down with a dull axe.” Meaning, always keep your axe sharp so you can cut down trees efficiently. OR keep your skills sharp so your work gets done efficiently and effectively.

My favorite coffee quote: “Caffeinate. Dominate.”

So. To keep it simple. Drink coffee. Work hard.

I’d also like to mention that I was just the person with the idea. My beautiful girlfriend was the person who took the idea and turned it into the physical thing!

evan armstrongComment